Strapit Latex Free Rigid Tape (6 rolls tube 50mm ) - Spinal Wellness

Strapit Latex Free Rigid Tape (6 rolls tube 50mm )

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Hypoallergenic Latex and Zinc Oxide Free Tape

Our latex free tape is a technically advanced and unique rigid sports tape. With the hypoallergenic properties of fixit underwrap tape and adhesive like our GripIt kinesiology tape, our latex free tape is at the forefront of high performance

Key Points:

1. No latex or zinc oxide

2. Same quality and strength fabric as our professional rigid tape for best in class support

3. Like kinesiology tapes the adhesive is heat activated and provides maximum support once it meet the skin temp

4. Only available in 38mm x 13.7m in drums of 8, or singly

Every clinic and club should have a drum of our latex free StrapIt sports strapping tape