Hot and Cold Therapy: An easy way to relieve pain

Body Aches have been a common symptom of many physiological diseases. Varied types of pain also accompany the degenerative process of the human body.

Speaking in length about the debilitating and annoying factors associated with these pain sessions, we all have our shares of discomfort and inconvenience. 

This write-up will discuss how hot and cold therapy can work as a miracle to soothe these pain episodes.

Medical literature is full of evidence that depicts hot cold therapy as one of the easiest and safest treatment methods to alleviate pain. 

Let us discuss how hot cold therapy works to counter pain. 

Hot and Cold Therapy : A brief overview

A therapeutic application of heat in form of hot packs, gels, or patches is broadly termed hot therapy. It allows to enhance the blood circulation in the affected area and helps in escalated blood flow.

Due to the rise in temperature to the particular area, the blood flow becomes evident, resulting in soothing the discomfort and relaxing the muscles. This process altogether pumps the blood circulation and initiates the healing process. It is often done either by moist heat or via dry heat. 

On the contrary, cold therapy is defined as the therapeutic application of cool agents ( ice pack or ice gel) to a particular area. Cold therapy shows its physiological impact on inflammation by reducing the blood flow over the affected area. 

Types of Hot Cold Therapy

Here is the list of different variants that could be used as per an individual's choice and requirements to better understand the modes of hot cold wrap's therapeutic utility. 

1) Easy Packs

Heat pack and cold pack are two types of easy to use packs that come with variants to ensure the affected area of the body gets complete exposure to heat and cold as per the requirements. The most common and widely preferred among these easy packs is the lower back ice pack. The product is in great demand due to its significant results. 

2) Patches

These are one of the most common types of cold hot packs preferred by youngsters. Due to its convenient packaging, it is ideal to be used while you are traveling too. These patches can be placed in the affected area, and desired results can be expected instantly. The swift physiological benefits make it one of the in-demand hot cold therapy in the market. 

3) Hot Cold Wraps

Another in the list is the hot-cold wraps. These can be used to wrap the body part where you wish to place it. An individual can wear These hot or cold pads and can be worn with great comfort. When an individual is already suffering from discomfort and cannot maintain mobility, these wraps come for a great rescue. 

P.S.: You can find different variants of hot cold wrap currently available in the market. As per your specific requirements, you can pick one among them. 

Ideal pain conditions where hot and cold therapy can be used

If you are wondering what all medical conditions can be relieved with hot cold wrap, here is the list:

1) Joint Pain

To begin with, joint pains are often relieved with the continuous application of hot and cold therapy. With the growing age, the complaints for regular joint pains became common. Medically it is advised that instead of taking regular pain killers, one can opt for hot cold wrap

2) Muscle tear 

Due to its high therapeutic value, cold hot packs are prescribed in case of any tear or injury. The pack is known to escalate the healing process. It also helps in soothing the pain episodes.

3) Backache

Lower or upper back pain are one of the constant issues occurring due to sedentary lifestyle. Opting for a lower back ice pack or hot pack for back pain is a smart decision that can help you to get desirable results instantly. 

4) Pre and Post operative processes

Many of the doctors often prescribe hot and cold therapy in pre and post operative stages. The therapy comes with no side-effects and is known to speeden up the recovery. 

Concluding Note

Hot Cold therapy is indeed a better escape to lower down the pain level. It is always advised to go for the therapy under the medical supervision or shall take the equipment( packs, gels) from an authentic place. If you are looking ahead to make your next purchase related to hot cold wrap, feel free to connect with us.