High Baller Twin Ball Massager for Immediate Pain Relief

The only twin-ball massager designed and manufactured in Finland. It has an adjustable width with angled massage balls that are used for self-myofascial release (SMR).

It helps in the loosening of the stiff and tight muscles. High Baller includes a trigger point map that helps in identifying the problem areas. It can be used to treat two problematic areas at the same time for ease.

It has an immediate pain-relieving effect. The equipment quiets down pain receptors and helps you release your stiff, tight muscles to make your everyday life easier and happy.

Features of High Baller

  • It has Firm, grippy rubber balls that can spin independently and are on a stable, non-slip base
  • You can adjust the width of the massage area to fit most users and many different muscle groups
  • The equipment is a perfect option if you need specific trigger point manipulation and massage
  • It has removable pins that allow you to adjust the balls to a variety of positions that further range to 5 spaces on each side
  • Trigger point maps and instructions are also included in the device for better functioning.
  • The adjustable width feature of the high baller helps the angled balls to be used anywhere on the body.

Why High Baller is a better option?

Why High Baller is a better option?

  • It helps open tight muscles and adnate tissues
  • Helps in Improving mobility and flexibility to allow correction of the joint and postural alignment
  • It can help in boosting muscle metabolism and reducing edema
  • It helps in preventing injuries and relieving the trigger points.

How to utilize High Baller?

How to utilize High Baller?

Follow the trigger direct guide to find your pain region. Red gleaming regions show trigger focuses where the HighBaller will be utilized. The full trigger point guide will be incorporated with the item.

The stand of HighBaller is engraved with numbers 1-5, permitting you to consistently put the rubbing balls in similar situations for ideal use.

When the balls are in your favored position and width, utilize the removable locking pins to secure the balls. Pins pivot in their openings from a 'bolted' to 'opened' position.

You will realize the pin is bolted when it no longer turns uninhibited. To eliminate the balls from their mounted focuses, pivot pin to open position and eliminate by sliding it out.

What is included in the High Baller gel wall?

What is included in the High Baller gel wall?

A huge number of individuals have utilized HighBaller to discover comfort and improve their exhibition. Nowadays, the manufacturer is utilizing an approach to make it shockingly better, quicker, and more pleasant.

HighBaller now accompanies a reusable divider mount so you can mount your HighBaller to any divider and apply only the measure of weight required. You can mount it to any divider and can move it to various areas.

  • Mount to the divider to contact hard -to-arrive at territories of the body
  • An ideal approach to hitting difficult situations in the upper and lower back, shoulders, and neck
  • Apply the ideal measure of strain to soothe agonizing muscles
  • Forestall injury and perform better by performing kneads anyplace, whenever
  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Non-damaging
  • Gives redesigned use to your HighBaller